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        管理商鋪 發布產品


        北京伊森斯展覽有限責任公司 北京伊森斯展覽有限公司是一家專業從事國際礦山展、國際工程機械展、國際冶金鑄造展的展覽企業,北京伊森斯展覽有限公司致力于打造中國**、最專業的國際礦山展、國際工程機械展、國際冶金鑄造展的國際展覽公司。公司總部位于北京海淀區西四環北路160號玲瓏天地寫字樓A區,擁有龐大的服務網點,北京伊森斯展覽高覆蓋、高效率的服務獲得多家公司和機構的認可。北京伊森斯展覽有限公司將以最專業的精神為您提供安全、經濟、專業的服務。 注:我公司確保有專業館位置,按“申請早,攤位好”原則分配展位。我公司全低成本,全程領隊,配備翻譯,全球連鎖四星酒店,舒適商務車,異國風情游覽,可按客戶特殊要求設計路線。另外,我公司接受隨團考察人員,歡迎各公司前來報名! About Us Beijing Essence Fairs Co ltd is a professional trade show promoter. We are currently representing some most influential trade fairs in the world and recruit participants from China area for the organizer and provide the related service to clients. Our mission is to provide advice and service to Chinese based globally-minded companies as they establish or increase their overseas business through international trade shows and activities. The field we are focus on in Mining, Construction machinery, Metal Process, Clean, Industrial Automation and Robot. Most of our staff have extensive experience in the industry and worked in the field more than ten years. Our well-educated, efficient and committed staff are able to bring the highest standard of quality service to each client. No where trade fair is held, our one-stop service will make the customer the best experience. The scope of our service covers, stand booking, booth building, exhibition items forwarding, visa and travel, government subsidiary. We formerly worked and promoted the most influential trade fairs in the construction and mining industry, like World of Concrete, Bauma, BC India, M&T expo, Electra Mining Africa, Conbuild Viet nam and Indonesia, Excon, World of Mining Series, Minexpo, As well in metal process related industries like Tube & Wire, Gifa/Newcast/Thermalprocess/Metec, CCM, MMMM,Fenaf, Castexpo and Metalexpo. While traditionally serving Chinese companies in Europe and North American Market, we extended our foot print to the emerging market, like CIS countries, Mid-east and Africa, South East Asia, India and South America that is where the economic growth lays 【詳細介紹